Garden Of Beadin’

800-232-3588 – 752 Redwood Drive
The Garden of Beadin carries a full line of colorful Japanese and Czech seed beads, Bugle and Pony Beads along with Charlotte cuts, Fire polish, sparkling Austrian Crystals, Delicas, semi-precious stones and beautiful ethnic beads. You will also find a large array of beading needles & threads, bead and beading books, clasps, earring wires and hundreds of jewelry making supplies and accessories.

Trees of Mystery

16 miles south of CRESCENT CITY on Hwy 101
(800) 638–3389
Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the redwoods as a SkyTrail™ gondola glides you silently through the forest canopy. Hike or stroll the Trees of Mystery Forest Experience trails to see many noteworthy trees and unique formations with interpretive signs and little-known redwood facts. Our End of the Trail Native  American Museum is one of the finest private collections in the world. Free to our guests, it is our gift to the traveling public.