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The Heart Full Hive

1594 Upper Pacific Drive
(707) 223-1494
Offering a unique selection of artisan and herbalist creations designed to bring beauty and peace to your home and heart. Jewelry, ceramics, glass, furniture, rugs, Bohemian style clothing, wellness, gem & Tarot readings.

Trees of Mystery™

16 miles south of Crescent City on Hwy 101
(800) 638–3389
Experience the Spectacular Redwoods on the new Redwood Canopy Trail™. You’ll walk the aerial netted suspension bridges through these majestic old–growth redwoods at mid canopy level with viewing platforms from 50–100 feet high in the trees. Enjoy a bird’s–eye view of the redwoods as SkyTrail™ gondola glides you through the forest canopy. Walk among the giants and explore the Trails. Here you will be overwhelmed by unusual trees adapting in fantastic ways to be among the oldest living things on the planet.